How to Support your Writer Friends

When it comes to being a writer, one has to be almost constantly marketing themselves. They need to have social media platforms, their own website and ways to get their writing in front of the correct eyes. It’s a lot of work, but it’s necessary if you want to be a writer in this day and age.

There are ways that you can help to support your writer friends and all that they do. Here are a few things you can do:

Share their Work. Everybody has social media these days. Take a moment to tweet their latest article or share it onto your Facebook profile. This helps the writer market themselves because it’s getting the piece in front of eyes that they may not have previously had access to.

Comment. Comment on the article if there’s a comments section. Give your feedback or try to continue the conversation. Writers are trying to grow a community. Other readers are more likely to comment, give feedback or enter the conversation if someone else is already there.

Be there to talk through ideas. Some writers need people that they can bounce ideas off of. Every writer has writer’s block once in awhile. They go to their support network to help them get through it. Sometimes it just takes a simple conversation to get the creative juices flowing again. Be that person for your writer friend.

Pay for your own copy. Your writer friend is trying to make a living as a writer, more likely than not. If they publish a book, don’t ask for a free copy and avoid pirating it. If you’re able to, buy one yourself. If you’re not able to, recommend the book to others or request that your local library pick up a copy.

Keep reading. All your writer friend wants is for people to read their writing. The best way to support your writer friend is to be their biggest fan and continue to read what they produce.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments below!

Lead writer for . Editor-in-Chief of . Full time Freelance Writer. Broadcaster on Mixer and Twitch (VanriTheRogue).

Lead writer for Editor-in-Chief of Full time Freelance Writer. Broadcaster on Mixer and Twitch (VanriTheRogue).